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Do You Need A Portable Restroom For Your Construction Work Site?

by Senanur Norder

Contractors setting up a relatively small construction work site may wonder whether or not they need to rent a portable restroom for the crew. Renting portable toilets isn't always a necessity, but it's essential to rent portable restrooms under certain conditions.

OSHA Requirements

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) normally requires one toilet facility if there are 20 or fewer workers on a construction site, and more facilities for larger numbers of workers. However, there are exceptions to this regulation. 

A primary consideration involves whether the crew is considered a mobile one. That would include situations in which the workers move from one site to another on a daily basis or more frequently. OSHA does not require a portable toilet if mobile crew members can get to a bathroom facility in less than 10 minutes

Reasonable Expectations

There may technically be some bathrooms where the public is allowed near the work zone, but you must consider whether it's reasonable for your mobile crew to use them.

For instance, there may be a convenience store less than 10 minutes away, but the manager probably doesn't want several construction workers going in and out of there during the day unless they are spending money. If there's a public park or wayside with bathrooms, however, that's acceptable.  

In addition, the crew must have transportation to get to these facilities. If you pick everyone up in a van from a specified location and drive them to a more remote location, that may not mean you want all these individuals using your van to sporadically run back to town.

Municipal Laws

Even with public bathroom facilities relatively close by, male crew members may be inclined to urinate somewhere on the work site for the sake of convenience. They are able to do so more discreetly than women. However, municipal regulations and state laws typically prohibit urinating in public. Your crew members can't legally urinate anywhere that would qualify as being in public. In fact, some states classify public urination as a sex offense.

Client Considerations

If your client is going to spend any amount of time at the site, you may want to have a portable restroom there. First, the client will appreciate being able to use this facility if it's necessary. Second, the client will appreciate knowing that your crew has a convenient way to relieve themselves that doesn't involve urinating on the client's land. 

If you have any questions about renting portable toilets, contact a local rental company, such as Toilets On the Go LLC, to discuss your concerns.