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Drain Flies: What Do You Do?

by Senanur Norder

Outdoor flies are bad enough, but indoor flies are nasty and relentless. Unfortunately, many different breeds of flies can afflict your living space. Drain flies are particularly unpleasant. If you have these pests, you can take several steps to remove them from your home.


Often, drain flies are mistaken for some other type of pest. Fruit flies are found near both fresh food and rotting food, so you will spot them near drains and garbage. Phorid flies are also found around the same items as are Sphaerocerid flies. Drain flies have many of the same traits, but they actually breed and live in your drains, flying out to do their mischief. Before you can take effective action, you have to determine if drain flies are the issue. They are about 1/8th of an inch long and black or brown. They also have distinctive wings with a "vein" pattern on them. To determine if you have these pests, experts recommend that you puncture holes in tape and place it over your kitchen and bathroom drains. Leave it for an hour or two and check to see if any flies are stuck to the bottom of the tape. If so, you know you have drain flies.


The easiest way to rid your home of drain flies is to clean the drains. That sounds easier than it is simply because drain flies live on the gunk that lines the side of your pipes. Even if the water is draining easily, the sides may have enough oil, grease, and food particles to feed the hundreds of drain flies hanging out there. If you have a drain snake and a drain brush, you can remove the trap and scrub the sides of your drains yourself. You may also use drain cleaners in an attempt to get rid of these creatures. If DIY attempts do not work, you need to have a plumbing professional come in and give your drains a thorough cleaning. These flies cannot live if you do not provide them with a food source and breeding grounds.

Drain flies are just one of many pests that can invade your home and make life more difficult for you. Once you have made certain that you are dealing with drain flies, you can try and remove them yourself. A thorough drain cleaning may work, but as always, if you have difficulty doing it yourself, call in a professional such as Jarrach Cesspools. If you damage your pipes during the cleaning process, the repair bill will be expensive.