Finding Solutions for Your Septic Tank Problems

Common Clogs in Household Drains and How a Professional Drain Cleaning Will Fix Them

by Senanur Norder

Household drains are a constant "wait and see" game. Most days, the drains work as they should, but then there are those days when the drains are definitely blocked. Waiting for the drains to slowly drain wastewater is a pain, and, if it happens to you more often than you would like, maybe you need a professional drain cleaning. Here are some common clogging materials and how a professional drain cleaning will fix them.

Hair, and Lots of It

Human hair is a protein, which means that, if you get enough of it stuck in one place, it begins to rot and clog the drains. Worse still, mats of hair in a drain act as a net, which collects tons of other things (e.g., skin cells, dirt, etc.), and those things rot too. Regardless of how much water you send after this kind of clog, the water just goes through it like a slow sieve.

To clear this type of clog in your drain, your plumber usually has to pull all of the matted hair mess out of the drain via the right type of auger. Otherwise, it just keeps building and blocking your drains. Additionally, hair clogs are the absolute worst for septic systems because they will not break down in the septic tank and will need to be scraped and suctioned out of the drainage lines of the septic system.

Cooking Grease, Animal Fats, or Liquid Lard

It is quite common for people to pour used cooking grease, liquid animal fats, and liquid lard down their drains. If you are guilty of this, you may find that your drains are frequently clogged. This is because the fats and grease cool on the way down the drain and return to a solid or semi-solid form. Over time, these things build up, like plaque on an arterial wall, until there is almost no room for wastewater to pass through. Scalding hot water may help, but the plumber can go one better. He or she will use a rooting tool to scrape the walls of your pipes and drains clean of these substances, and then your drains will work quite well.

Objects Dropped into the Drain

Far too often, people place items on the edges of sinks or near toilets. It does not take much to drop these items into the toilet and flush them by accident or into the sink drains. Unfortunately, people assume that a penny, an earring, a ring, etc., will not be a problem and will flush through like everything else. However, many of these items can cause some major blockages over time. Your plumber will disassemble the plumbing and completely clear out the items that should not be there.