Finding Solutions for Your Septic Tank Problems

Septic Tank Backups Are Dangerous And Must Be Cleaned Up Immediately

by Senanur Norder

A home's septic system is designed to take human waste away from a home and store it safely in a tank. Unfortunately, septic tank systems can get clogged and back up into the home. This situation is dangerous and must be managed quickly to avoid the risk of serious health problems.

Microbes Are Very Common In Septic Tanks

Septic tanks work by breaking down urine and fecal matter using various microbes. The amount and types of microbes will vary, but each septic tank culture is designed to completely eliminate fecal matter as much as possible. Many of these bits of microbes and bacteria will be harmless to a person if their septic system backs up.

Unfortunately, some of these microbes may actually be dangerous or even deadly. This is particularly true if a person has an older septic tank in which higher levels of microbes have grown. That's why when a septic tank backup occurs, it is so important to take care of it right away.

Backups Can Make Homeowners Very Sick

That's why when a septic tank backup occurs, the homeowner is an an increased risk of getting sick. Beyond just the bad odors accompanied with the backup is the bacteria mentioned above. The type of bacteria in the septic tank will vary depending on the tank. Some will be only contagious through touch, while others may enter your lungs when inhaled.

Inhaled bacteria can make a person sick and cause them to experience severe flu-like symptoms or even worse. In many cases, it is possible to inhale the methane gas from the fecal matter, which will also make a person sick to their stomach for an extended period of time.

Managing The Problem

When a septic tank backup occurs in a home, it is important to immediately close off the bathroom and call a professional cleaning service. They will clean up the mess properly and ensure that no dangerous bacteria infect a home. After finishing, they will also take time to disinfect the bathroom and the toilet to make sure the bacteria is dead.

When they are finished, they or a septic system expert needs to unclog the septic tank. This typically consists of running a toilet snake down the drain to break apart the clog. In more serious cases, it may require opening up the tank and identifying the clogged area and removing this material.

By following this process, it is easy to manage a backed-up septic tank and avoid bacteria infestation. While this bacteria can be harmful to a person, it is important for the septic tank, so it is important to make sure it remains rich with a colorful spectrum of bacteria. Contact a company like B&E Septic Services for more information.