Finding Solutions for Your Septic Tank Problems

4 Common Signs That Your Septic System Is In Need Of Repair

by Senanur Norder

Septic systems typically do a great job at managing household waste efficiently. However, problems can arise and these problems should be dealt with and repaired quickly to prevent a sewage back up and septic system failure. Knowing how to recognize signs of septic system problems will ensure that you can catch the issue quickly. Some common signs that your home's septic system needs to be repaired by a professional include:

Problems Flushing Toilet

A toilet can have issues flushing from time to time, but if you experience continued issues with the toilet flushing or notice that multiple toilets in the home are having problems, there is most likely a problem with the septic system. Toilet flushing issues are often a sign that the septic tank is near capacity and needs to be pumped. It is also possible for toilet flushing problems to occur when there is a large clog in the pipes that need to be cleared.

Odd Noises from Pipes

A septic system in good repair should not create any odd and unexplained noises. If you begin to hear gurgling sounds coming from the pipes in your home when a toilet is flushed or a faucet is running, it usually means that there is an issue with your septic tank. In most cases, gurgling pipes means that the septic tank is overly full, which can easily be repaired by scheduling an appointment to have it pumped and emptied.

Unpleasant Smells

If your septic system is working properly, you should never be able to smell the waste that is held in the septic tank. However, if the septic tank cracks or there is a problem with the pipes connected to the septic tank, you may begin to notice an unpleasant smell, often described as smelling like rotten eggs. This could mean that sewage is seeping out of the septic system, which is an issue that needs to be repaired promptly.

Pools of Standing Water Near Drain Field

The drain field consists of pipes that dispose of liquid waste, and when they are in good repair your drain field won't look any different than the rest of your yard. However, pipes can break and clogs can form, which can cause issues with the drain field. One major sign of a problem with a drain field is standing pools of water. If you notice standing pools of water in the area of the drain field, it means that the pipes in the drain field are no longer properly disposing liquid waste and need to be fixed as quickly as possible. 

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