Finding Solutions for Your Septic Tank Problems

3 Signs Your Damaged Septic Lines Are a Good Fit for Quick-Lock Joint Repair

by Senanur Norder

You spot a leak in your septic system. These are absolutely the worst kind of leaks to contend with. Not only do you have to worry about contamination of your property, but typical septic repairs can also mean disrupting large sections of the ground and a lot of time and money. Quick-lock joint repair is a possibility with some septic lines. This process involves using a sleeve made of rubber and steel to enclose the damaged pipe, and the best part is that the repair process usually only requires making a small opening in the ground to slip the new sleeve in place. Take a look at a few signs that will tell you that your damaged septic lines could be a good fit for quick-lock joint repair. 

The line is still fairly structurally sound.  

For the most part, quick-lock joint repair only works if the septic line is still in a rather good condition. The structure of the line should still have some integrity to support the sleeve as it goes into place. If the line is severely decayed and falling apart, there will not be enough structure there to support the new sleeve, so the sleeve could collapse after installation due to pressure from the decaying line pushing into it. 

The opening of the line is perfectly accessible. 

In order for the sleeve to go into the line, the opening to the line must be accessible. For most septic lines, this is not a problem. However, some older lines may have issues with things like grown-in tree roots or other obstructions. When you are working with a quick-lock joint repair service, they will come to your property and assess your personal situation and check to make sure the opening is accessible so the work can be done. 

The septic system does not have further problems. 

Sometimes, older septic tanks and lines can have a combination of problems. Maybe the line is leaking at joints but there are also blockages down closer to the tank, or the tank itself is starting to degrade. To get the best from a quick-lock joint repair for your septic lines, it is best if you are not dealing with a septic system that has a full list of problems. The new sleeve will help, but it is not going to improve the overall function of the whole setup when there are other problems at play to be considered. 

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