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Six Important Features You Might Want To Have Added On To Your Rental Shower

by Senanur Norder

Offering outdoor shower facilities can be important for many worksites and special events. However, you might not be too familiar with what your portable shower rental options are, if you've never rented such an amenity before. It's important that you are aware of all the special features that you can add to your rented shower facility so that you can satisfy your event attendees. The following are six important features that you might want to have added on to your rental shower:


Ventilation is important, because it prevents excessive condensation in shower facilities. It also can allow those using your shower facilities to stay more comfortable. Fortunately, ventilation features are usually fairly inexpensive to have added on to a shower rental. They can often even come standard with shower rentals in many situations. 

Lighting fixtures

If you're going to have people using your rented shower facilities at night, you're definitely going to need to have some lighting fixtures added. Even if shower facilities are used only during the day, lighting fixtures are often necessary to make sure that visibility is adequate for those using showers. You should factor the area where you will be locating your rented showers and how much natural lighting it receives into the equation. 

Precise temperature controls

Event attendees are going to be more comfortable if they can control the water temperature in your rented showers more precisely. You should look into the precision of temperature controls and opt for more high tech options, if possible, if you want to make event attendees more comfortable and in control while showering. 

Air conditioning or heating

If you want to create a super luxurious showering experience for event attendees, you could consider having air conditioning added in the summer months or heating added in the winter months. Heating features during the winter months are probably going to be a necessity. However, air conditioning is more of an option. If your event attendees are going to be attending and showering in extremely hot weather, air conditioning might be a good idea. 

Hook for hanging personal items

One thing that is likely to make a rental shower much more convenient is having hooks set up. This will make it easy for shower users to hang their personal items like towels and clothing. 

Attractive interior and exterior decorating

Some rental shower providers will give you decor options. While a standard rental shower might be drab and simple, you can invest in a little more decor flair by adding interior and exterior design features that could make your special event more attractive.