Finding Solutions for Your Septic Tank Problems

3 Reasons To Use Hydro Excavation When Making Septic Repairs

by Senanur Norder

Most residential septic systems are located underground. The septic tank and any pipes that connect the tank to your home all run below the surface of your home's landscape. This keeps the septic system safely out of sight, but it also poses a unique challenge when the system is in need of repair.

The soil covering septic components must be removed in order to access components for repair. Hydro excavation can provide the perfect solution to your soil removal problems.

1. No Bulky Machinery

One of the reasons homeowners enjoy using hydro excavation for septic repairs is the lack of bulky machinery required to get the job done. Homes can be located in close proximity to one another, and septic system components may be located in the backyard.

Maneuvering a large backhoe or trenching equipment in tight residential spaces is nearly impossible. You run the risk of having your home or a neighbor's home damaged during the process.

Hydro excavation requires only a truck or trailer fitted with specialized equipment. Hose extensions can make any part of your yard accessible, streamlining the repair process.

2. Dig in Any Weather

It is impossible to predict when your septic system will experience a catastrophic failure. For homeowners who live in areas where winter temperatures dip below freezing, digging through frozen ground can be virtually impossible.

Hydro excavation allows you to easily access your septic components, regardless of the soil conditions. The water stream used to create a slurry of soil can be heated. This allows the water to penetrate through frozen soil with ease.

3. Maintain Worker Safety

Anytime the soil over your septic components is disturbed, there is a risk of serious injury. Traditional digging methods often require workers to get down inside a hole in order to access septic components. This puts the workers at risk of being caught in a cave-in.

With hydro excavation, workers remain on top of the hole at all times. By eliminating the need to get inside the hole and dig by hand, hydro excavation can make digging up your septic components a much safer process for the workers completing the job.

Septic system repairs are a part of life, but you have the ability to help streamline the repair process by investing in hydro excavation. Talk to your septic professional about using hydro excavation to make vital repairs to your septic system in the future.